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   Anti-Virus (File System)
   LAN Security & Web Filtering
   Password Audit Utilities
   Spyware Removal

Cool Online Resources:

   Brad's TechTips
     Helpful tips and tricks that Brad has compiled over the years in his day-to-day work.

   Bandwidth Measurement
     Use NAISG's own bandwidth test utility to see how your Internet connection rates.  [Requires a Java-enabled browser.]

   Default Passwords
     This site provides the default IDs and passwords that ship with many devices, such as Cisco, Linksys, SonicWall and more.

   Shields Up
     Internet Security Testing for Windows Users - Real-time scan of your computer.
     Use the Free IP Agent and the Network Probe to determine if you are at obvious risk.

   DNS Stuff
     This site provides a number of DNS-related utilities, including record lookup, open relay blacklist lookups and much more.

   What Is That File Extension?
    Determine what applications use a given file extension and what the associated MIME types are for that application.
    Enter the file extension on which you want to search.
    You do not need to enter the period that precedes the extension.

And Even More Online Resources

    Google Online Security
    McAfee Avert Labs
    Microsoft Threat Research and Response
    SecureWorks Research
    Arbor Networks Security to the Core
    ScanSafe STAT
    Threat Expert
    ThreatFire Research
    TrendLabs Malware
    Uncommon Sense Security
Miscellaneous Links From Brad:
    Chat Abbreviations (LOL)
    FBI Infragard
    The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive
    Top-Level Domain Suffixes
    Urban Legends Reference Page


    Cookie Central
    Forensics Wiki
    ISO 17799 and ISO 27001 Security Standards
    The Internet Mail Consortium
    PKI Page
    SANS Internet Storm Center
    SANS Institute
    Symantec Security Response