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Why Start A Chapter?
NAISG recognizes the need to promote, learn and understand information security. Although much information is available online, sometimes there just is no replacement for the benefits that members gain from face-to-face interactions. Learning about information security, networking to find the perfect employee or employer, or viewing a demonstration of the latest products from a particular vendor are only some of the advantages of attending a chapter meeting.
If your area does not have a NAISG chapter and you believe there is a need or interest for one, then please read on...

Benefits of Being A NAISG Chapter
  Part of an already-established organization with a nationally and globally recognized name.
  Part of an organization that caters to security professionals, students or enthusiasts.
    NAISG will not be a fee-based, members-only club.
  A listing of companies and presenters that will be willing to travel to your chapter meetings.
  NO CHARGE for membership.
  A Web site for each chapter hosted on the NAISG server, accessible using the format <ChapterName>
    A local Webmaster can manage the site.
  Membership list server functionality. Each chapter will have its own membership list for monthly meeting announcements.
    Individuals will be able to sign up for membership using this automated list.
  Access to the all-chapter, Security TechTips list. See list details on our Security TechTips page.
    Automatic invitation to periodic LiveMeeting presentations and other Webinars.

Basic Requirements
  A local chair person to manage the chapter and who is willing to commit the time to coordinate meetings and presentations.
    The chair person will automatically be a member of the NAISG Advisors Council.
  A local advisory group of individuals willing to assist the chair person to run meetings, solicit sponsors and
    coordinate presentations. The number of individuals in the local advisory group is flexible and depends on
    the needs of the group.
  An individual able to commit the time to maintain the local chapter’s Web site on the NAISG server.
    This individual may be the  chair, a member of the advisory council or someone else.
  An established venue to hold monthly (or quarterly) meetings. Many companies will gladly host NAISG meetings
    at no charge to the chapter. After all, it's good exposure for them!
  The understanding that this must be a vendor-neutral group. No preference will be given
    to any particular vendor or solution.

So What's The Next Step?

The next step is to download and review the frequently asked questions (FAQ) document and contact NAISG at
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